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Office for lease in Ba Dinh. Handiresco building 521 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi./ Cho thuê văn phòng Handiresco Kim Ma

Descriptions infomations

Office for lease at the building Handiresco, 521 Kim Mã, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Price: 29 usd/m2 include VAT, service charge with free of car and motobike in working hour

Handiresco is a working space with international standards. It located near one most important cross-road, two sides of the tower face with beautiful views.

The storeys tower A faces with Kim Ma Street and from the window of the 14 storeys tower B, you can enjoy the beaety of the peaceful Ngoc Khank lake.

The building launched in 2009 so that it reaches the most strictly demands on modern and high - class offices of both domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises.


- Central air conditioning system - Daikin VRV II

- 08 international standard elevators (speed 2m/s) - Mitsubishi

- Back up power system with capacity available for all building equipment in case the main power source is off

- International standard fire protecting and controlling system by automatic sprinkler at basement and by hose reel from ground floor to 16th floor.

- Suspended ceiling noise protecting layer.

- Standard lighting system.

- Concrete floor.

- Telephone system, high speed broad band internet.


Now we offer to lease (at least 100m2 for lease for all contract)

Tower A: 100m2 and more at the 3, 4, 6, 13, 16 floor

Tower B: 221m2 at 12 floor


Price: 25 usd/m2

The price will discount more with only Vietnamoffices - A partner of the investor.


Mr Dũng : 0915455 286



29 USD/m2/month
2,140 m2
Ba Đình - Hà Nội

Other infomations

Type of office:Office
Province - City:Ba Đình - Hà Nội
Address: Handiresco building 521 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi
Sale and Rent:Free and
Total area of user:2140
Road in front of:m2
Number of floors:
Number of rooms:
Year of construction:

- Air Condition

- Backup generator

- Basement

- Convenient store 24/24

- Internet

- Parking

- Phone

- Security 24/24

Contact infomations

Fullname:Mr Dũng
Phone number:0915 455 286
Yahoo Id:
Skype Id:

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